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...Of Wraiths In White (Intro) - Lamentations Of The Ashen - EKIMMV (Cassette, Album)

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  1. Wraiths are a fictional sapient species featured in the novel The Apprentice Librarian. Wraiths are described as “a type of night spirits”. They are tall, skeletal, and wear hooded dark robes that leave their features impossible to make out. They have little physical strength but are capable of phasing through wood, though stone is enough to block them. Because of this, they are often.
  2. The wraiths are disparate scraps of lost souls, joined by ancient sorcery and undetectable when they wish to be.
  3. A Wraith is the soul of a person who has died unfulfilled; for some reason, known or unknown to the Wraith, they are still tied to the living world (the Skinlands), and cannot pass on to the ineffable afterworld. They are the subject of the Wraith: The Oblivion roleplaying line. Wraiths are confined to the Underworld, a reality which is tangentially connected to the living world, but distinct.
  4. Wraiths were said to be a type of ghost or specter in Medieval myths. Wraiths are ghostly beings that appear as foes throughout the God of War series. They appear as eyeless, emaciated humans with decaying flesh and bladed arms. Instead of legs, their waists terminate in clouds of black smoke from which they float. Utterly consumed by the rage in which they died, they now attack any living.
  5. Wraith definition, an apparition of a living person supposed to portend his or her death. See more.
  6. A wraith is a type of supernatural creature that feeds on human brain fluids and can infect them with high doses of dopamine. Wraiths feed on brain fluids, which can be extracted through a spike located in its wrists. They introduce it in a weak spot behind the ear to easily get to the victim's brain. Wraiths can use it as a weapon, but it seems to be easy to break. Victims with their brain.
  7. Found this armor in the back of Khal Estate in the Featherlands. It is a collectible on a platform guarded by 2 dogs and 2 shieldmaidens. Stats: 55 stun resist, +10 dmg reduction, +20% stamina cost, and +10% stamina regen (only armor I've seen with stamina regen).
  8. Wraiths are spirit-beings who are similar to ghosts, banshees, and shades in that they are the spectral remains of a once-living person. Wraiths appear to be of either elven or human origin most of the time. Some trolls in Zul'Gurub and the Temple of Atal'Hakkar manifest as wraiths before they die. Wraiths appear as translucent shapes with a roughly humanoid shape, although notably missing.
  9. The Wraith is an even more powerful spirit to that of Banshees or Spectres. It too is driven to violence and insanity, but its rage is far greater. Wraiths are the spirits of great necromancers who experimented with the blackest magic in order to acquire immortality—and failed, leaving only an echo of their identity on the Winds of Dhar they manipulated. To come so close to their goal yet be.

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