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Where The Pavement Ends (Nitronic Mix) - Braindead Sound Machine - Where The Pavement Ends (Vinyl)

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  3. The first time I saw Braindead Sound Machine open up for KMFDM in , I thought they sucked. "Where The Pavement Ends" starts us off in typical Braindead fashion. There are plenty of drag-racing samples and a deep and leading bass line. The samples are few and mixed deep into the mix. "Devotion" is a track from their earlier "Walking.
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  6. Braindead Sound Machine I’m In Jail 12″ TEST PRESSING Where The Pavement Ends 12″ Single. James Brown Living In America 12″ Single The Payback Mix 12″ Single SOLD!! David Byrne 3 Big Songs Music From The Knee Plays. Beck Sexx Laws 12″ Single (Transparent) SOLD! Black Eyed Peas Request Line 12″ Single (Fuck you it’s a great song.
  7. Dec 21,  · Braindead Sound Machine (1) Brainiac (5) Brainpool (2) Branch Manager (1) Branch Manager (1) Brand New Unit (3) Brandtson (1) Bratmobile (11) Brawl (1) Bread and Circuits (1) Breaking Circus (3) Breaks (1) Breed (1) Brendan Perry (1) Brian Jonestown Massacre (1) Brick (1) Brick Layer Cake (1) Bridget (3) Bright (3) Brighter (2) Broadcast (1.
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