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Crop Circle - Spacemen - Spacemen (CD)

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  1. Aug 11,  · Orange frantically searches for Blue, who gets some advice from his wife on how to deal with xenophobia Animation by Balbod! Music by Sparkles of Area 11!
  2. Sep 15,  · When Queen Elizabeth put a crop circle book on her summer reading list in , there was a particular surge of interest and also talk of hoaxing. But crop circles aren’t a modern fad.
  3. The crop circle that the three witnesses found was the design of a very complicated mathematical equation which had been discovered by French mathematicians in the early s, a calculation known as a Julia Set. The crop circle was comprised of circles stretching over a square acre. Large "Julia Set" crop circle comprised of 96 perfectly.
  4. Crop circle, large geometric pattern of flattened crops, most often found in fields in southern England. Crop circles are said by some who have studied them to be messages from intelligent extraterrestrial life, but many have been proved to be the work of humans. Beginning in the late s, simple.
  5. Crop Circles: A Modern Mystery. July , when this modern mystery began. or those unfamiliar with them, crop circles occur when standing cereal crop such as wheat, barley, rye, or oilseed rape is laid down not cut! in a farmer's field. The process forms large ( to ft), precise geometric patterns that are best viewed from the air.
  6. The site of the Chilbolton crop circles is the fields adjacent to the Chilbolton radio telescope located in Hampshire, United Kingdom. The Chilbolton crop circle which was reported on 21 st August had two rectangular blocks at a gap of meters on the same field that consisted of huge number of small pixels. One of these two rectangular blocks represented a human face and the other.
  7. 5. The Wiltshire crop circle which got created in in reportedly 7 minutes time had circles which required the flattening of almost 2 acres of wheat crops. 6. The “ Spiral Circles” crop circle is believed to be done by aliens as such massive formation would require a .
  8. When it comes to spotting hoax crop circles, Drew says to look for imperfections and sloppy work. Crops that are bent “halfway up” their stems instead of all the way to the ground are made by today’s human hoaxers. Aliens and time travelers are perfectionists with advanced circle-making technology.

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