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  1. Lente insulin is a combination of porcine and bovine insulin products which are filtered and combined with zinc to form the suspension. Even product that is filtered very well is still of animal origin, and there is a chance the body may recognize the Insulin: SensitizersBiguanides, Buformin, .
  2. Lent·en (lĕn′tən) adj. 1. Of or relating to Lent: Lenten observances. 2. Characteristic of or appropriate to Lent; meager: Lenten meals. lenten (ˈlɛntən) adj 1. (Ecclesiastical Terms) (often capital) of or relating to Lent 2. archaic or literary spare, plain, or meagre: lenten fare. 3. .
  3. a sterile buffered suspension with zinc chloride, usually containing units per mL; the solid phase of the suspension consists of a mixture of seven parts of crystalline insulin and three parts of amorphous insulin. Synonym (s): lente insulin Farlex Partner Medical Dictionary © Farlex
  4. Lenten definition is - of, relating to, or suitable for Lent; especially: meager. How to use Lenten in a sentence.
  5. In doing so, we must also remind ourselves to ‘make haste slowly’ (festina lente). Emanuel et al 9 published a well-timed commentary suggesting the following principles for fairly allocating scarce resources during the COVID crisis: equal treatment, attempts to .
  6. A % porcine U insulin formerly produced by Eli Lilly, discontinued in and comprised of 30% semilente insulin and 70% Ultralente insulin. Like all other Lente insulins it was a suspension of crystalline (ultralente) and amorphous (semilente) insulins in the ratio shown above. It is identical to Monotard Pork, which Novo Nordisk also used to produce, and to Betasint Porcine Lente U Shelf Life: 24 months: Type: cloudy.
  7. Lente insulin is an intermediate-acting insulin. On average, lente insulin starts to lower blood glucose levels within 1 to 2 hours after injection. It has its strongest effect 8 to 12 hours after injection but keeps working for 18 to 24 hours after injection. It is also called L insulin.
  8. Lente insulin is actually a combination of two other lente-type insulins in the fractions 30% semilente insulin and 70% Ultralente insulin. And so the short-acting semilente and the slow-acting ultralente combined produce an insulin that is intermediate-acting.
  9. La démarche a certes été lente.: Assuredly, this has been a slow process.: La production d'Aarsleff est relativement lente à décoller.: Aarsleff's production of own works was relatively slow to get off the ground.: Le mode vitesse lente quadripolaire présente une efficacité supérieure à 80%.: The 4-pole low speed mode has an efficiency of over 80%.: La reprise semble lente et coûteuse.

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